What's this Behind a Smile about... 
"I often think to myself about why I started Behind a Smile and if anyone really enjoys it or if they just kinda feel sorry for me (laugh) ... I wanted to try and start my own brand, as I think I'm creative in my own little way so I just thought, 'I'm not getting any younger or healthier, so just do it' " - Matt
Behind-a-Smile: fighting stigma; raising funds; spreading love and smiley dots.
Through the medium of design and fashion, we explore the concerns linked to mental health and the people who are affected by them. Our aim is to support as many charities as we can, by raising funds and awareness for their cause, and creating products which relate to them. Doing it in this way, we can support more charities whilst spreading our message to a larger audience.
Not only do we share this message through our clothing brand but we also like to visit events, provide talks and Q&A sessions, in order to help us achieve our ultimate goal: to stop all stigma surrounding mental health.
Our designs take inspiration from people's experiences of struggling with mental health and from charities (sometimes even individuals) we are approached by, to create collaboration artwork. They give us a few ideas and it is then up to our talented team to think up creative designs, that combine a stylish look, powerful message and Behind-a-Smile's unique take on fashion.
If you like our look then please visit the store to see our range of products, if you would like us to attend an event or organisation then feel free to drop us an email  - take it easy