• Matt


We started on this journey over 3 years ago now; it has been some roller coaster so far, I can tell you that!

We have:

made some lifelong friends,

had some great moments,

had to learn a few lessons

become tough skinned when it comes to rejection and disappointment,

helped others without asking for help in return.

One thing, however, does keep cropping up... one thing that we just don't know the answer to at the moment... what are we? What is Behind a Smile...?

"Are you a charity?"


"What are you then?"

"We are a clothing brand."

"We thought you wanted to help people with mental illness and stuff..."

"We do want that."

"But you're not a charity?"


"So you are a company."


"What are you then?"

"We are unique..."

It is hard for us to choose a path, as there is no set path for what we are trying to accomplish. So, we have decided we will build our own path, in our own unique way. Some may say that this means we are not to be trusted; this is not the case. Neither are we doing this because we don't want to conform... well, maybe a little... but most of all, it is because we know what we want Behind a Smile to be and to achieve. However, we will have to do this step by step... project by project...smiley dot by smiley dot...