We hope the fans like the simple design of the tee, which offers a different style of garment to what the Warriors normally make. There is a very powerful message hidden within this item that we have adapted in order to relate to rugby fans and players everywhere, based around the research provided by the charity mind, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue in a year…if we take those figures, adapt them to the starting 13 of players who take to the pitch week in week out 3 could potentially suffer that year. This is only for one club, if you take into the account of all Super League teams, all Championship sides and the amateur game those facts are very alarming. The goal of our brand is to show people the information in different ways and to get people talking, which in turn we hope will break down the stigmas that surround these numbers and issues to help people relate to them who haven’t maybe looked at them this way before. We think the 3 in THIRTEEN message is very powerful and hope everyone else will also.


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**100% of profets raised go to the Wigan Warriors Community MH Foundation Project**


  • Please ensure that all washing instructions are followed an if the item needs ironing please iron inside out