Chloe took her own life on the 30th of April 2014. Trevor, her father, was on a military exercise in Arizona when he had the devastating news that his daughters body had been found in her apartment. 
He was flown back immediately but the trip was 15 hours. 15 hours of "heartache and numbness". He had to arrange her funeral by himself, and finally after 10 months of questioning, was finally given the answer that she had taken her own life. For Trevor, this was the most heartbreaking answer he could have imagined, as he could picture his daughter not wanting to be alive in this world. Trevor blames himself for the loss of his daughter, as he was "away so much with the military".
He now devotes all of his time to campaigning and pushing for a better Mental Health Service so others do not suffer like Chloe did.
After Matt approached Trevor Behind a Smile went to work creating their collaboration idea, the significance of the owl design was based on a nick name that was given to Chloe by her loved ones and the old legend that the owl is the bird that tajkes your soul over to the after life.
This is what Trevor had to say about the collaboration - "The owl represents the struggle that Chloe was going through. She used to have problems sleeping and most nights would be awake until anytime in the morning, some mornings not sleeping until 5:00 or 6:00, then she would sleep during the day.  We decided to give her the nickname "our little night owl" and now she's an Angel in heaven watching over us day and night, just like a wise owl. The design combines two of Chloe's favourite things, the colour red, and the saying REACH OUT.
"I also have no grave or ashes to visit. Chloe's middle name was Rose. I Googled Chloe Rose bush and I actually found a rose bush called Chloe. It's a Renaissance Rose which is French for rebirth, I protect it with my life."
For me for that horrendous traumatic day, my life was destroyed, turned inside out and my heart shattered. I'll never be the same person, I have constant days of sadness and utter pain in my heart but I'm sure I suffer from broken heart syndrome.
I live my life in memory of Chloe pushing myself to the limits, I know she is always with me every step of the way and she's the reason I'm dedicated to raise awareness for mental health problems and encouraging others to 'Reach out' for that safe place, that safe person to save the pain and tears before they become to serious. I have problems at times because others say I obsess about my mental health campaign and all I'm fighting for but I I didn't I probably wouldn't survive the pain I feel in my heart daily."
Trevor Bygate - Miles for Mental Health Awareness